Red Star Burst

Yes, I’m a sci-fi geek … and one of the effects I’ve particularly loved is the streaking of the star field that happens when the starship Enterprise goes into warp drive and enters hyperspace.

floating flower bowl

I’ve always loved the look of blossoms floating in a bowl of water. Late last fall, my friend Ann took a number of stunning photos of dahlias that planted themselves in my brain.

These floating flower bowls/dishes eventually grew out of a series of word associations inspired by both of these concepts:

Dahlias, floating flowers, water flowers, lilly, lotus …
Bowl of water, color of water, water ripples, …

Pink Tents

Stumbled on this while riding yesterday with my friend Kim. Not sure how, but I’m sure this is going to make its way into my pots.

Yellow Dahlia

Inspiration …. Just one of so many densely patterned dahlias in full bloom at Pike Place Market.

Pink berry bowl

Translucent porcelain causes the backlit berry bowl to glow with a warm light … especially the floral design at the center of the bowl.