Birch Trees

Winter is when I tend to notice birch trees the most whether against the backdrop of a brilliantly cold blue sky or a misty gray day. I love how tall and slender they are while their ridges and knots highlight how they always seem to lean or bend slightly from the upright.

Striking but deadly?

One appeared in my front yard last year, and now I have a whole troop or gregarious of these lovely, but poisonous mushrooms.


No time for any studio work today aaargh!  Very long day in front of computer.

Hoping for a fresh start tomorrow.    Need to slip some jars, then start glazing the pots that came out of the bisque kiln yesterday.


Fall Pots

The weather has turned and the pots are drying sooo much more slowly, but the first bisque kiln is just about ready to be fired!


Glenn Richards: 2013 Mingei Pottery Show


Mingei Pottery Show 2013I’ll be exhibiting my work with twenty other northwest potters at this year’s Annual Mingei Pottery Show hosted by Glenn Richards.
The opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 16th from 4-8 pm. It’s always a great party!  I hope to see you all there!

Red Star Burst

Yes, I’m a sci-fi geek … and one of the effects I’ve particularly loved is the streaking of the star field that happens when the starship Enterprise goes into warp drive and enters hyperspace.

Pink Tents

Stumbled on this while riding yesterday with my friend Kim. Not sure how, but I’m sure this is going to make its way into my pots.

Yellow Dahlia

Inspiration …. Just one of so many densely patterned dahlias in full bloom at Pike Place Market.

Pink berry bowl

Translucent porcelain causes the backlit berry bowl to glow with a warm light … especially the floral design at the center of the bowl.

Behind the Shoji

I had the pleasure of participating in the “Behind the Shoji” art exhibition and sale at the Portland Japanese Garden this year.  While delivering my pots to the Garden gift shop, I got to see one of my floating flower dishes on the exhibition banner … which just happened at be hung by one of my favorite places … a tennis court.