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Nana Kuo – Functional Art for Daily Use

Nana Kuo Pottery

about me

a techy nerd finds joy in making pottery

I was born in Taiwan and raised in Houston, Texas, but Seattle has been my home since 1991.  After many exciting years in the high-tech computer software world, I took a sabbatical to re-energize and rediscover myself. In the process, I discovered the joy of pottery. Now I make functional porcelain and stoneware pots for everyday and special occasion use.

Artful pieces that look good, feel good, and are useful in daily life.

I hope you enjoy viewing, touching, using my pots as much as I enjoy making them.

Throwing the elegant line, the graceful form, is where I experience the greatest joy, but it is the interplay of control and spontaneity that truly defines my work. Unpredictable textures and glaze effects add an extra spark to my classic Asian forms.

I have often used traditional Asian glazes such as a translucent blue/green celadon and a fiery copper red glaze to emphasize and complement the graceful lines of my porcelain pieces. More recently, I’ve been exploring the possibilities of oxidation firings.


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